Root canal


Endodontic dentistry is the science that deals with treating the vascularized tissue in the interior of the tooth, also known as dental pulp. After a careful opening of your molar or tooth, the pulp is removed – under local anesthesia – and the nerve canal(s) are cleaned. This is done using small files and disinfectant rinse. The nerve canal is then temporarily filled with a biocompatible medication. After a certain time, the nerve canal is finally filled with root filling material. After a root canal treatment, the tooth or molar is often weakened to such an extent that it is necessary to place a crown on the tooth or molar.

House rules

All treatments take place by appointment. You can help us prevent treatments from running late by arriving 5 or 10 minutes before your appointment. Unfortunately, due to emergencies, we cannot guarantee that you will always be helped on time. (This extension time cannot be recovered from the practice in any way.) We will send you a reminder by email 1 day before the appointment. For treatments that take a longer time, we will also call as a reminder. This is a free service and can only be done if we also have the correct email address and telephone number. If you have not received an email, you are responsible for keeping the appointment.

We use the Infomedics service for our invoicing. Further information about the payment terms and contact details can be obtained from the counter assistant or on the Infomedics website: If you prefer not to receive invoices via Infomedics, you can pay the invoice after the treatment.

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