Dental prosthetics

Multiple types of prosthetics

A partial denture is a partial denture that is placed on a patient with partially natural teeth to replace lost teeth. The dentures rest partly on the soft tissues in the mouth and partly on the natural teeth or implants. If there are still enough teeth in your teeth that are suitable for crowns, the telescopic prosthesis is a comfortable solution for replacing lost teeth.

Complete denture

With a complete denture, the whole rests on the mucous membrane. Such a prosthesis is placed in a completely edentulous patient to restore chewing function.

Implant-supported prosthesis

The implant-supported denture is attached to a number of implants in the mouth. A construction is made on the implants to which the teeth are attached. With implant-supported dentures you are assured of well-fitting dentures that allow you to eat everything, while also giving the face a more natural appearance.

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