Pediatric dentistry

Healthy teeth for the little ones among us

Children deserve a happy and carefree experience at the dentist. At Hannibal Dental Center we make this possible. Our friendly team specializes in dealing with children and provides a playful and educational environment. We teach children the importance of good oral hygiene in a fun and interactive way. From the first teeth to permanent teeth, we guide your children in every phase of their dental development. Together we ensure a radiant smile for the little ones!

House rules

Because we like to work in a clean mouth, we ask you to brush your teeth before an appointment: at home or in our cleaning corner.

To avoid inconvenience, we request that you put the telephone on silent and do not make telephone calls in the waiting room and the treatment room. Pets are also not allowed in the waiting room.

Aggressive behavior, verbal or otherwise, will not be tolerated and will result in immediate deregistration.

You can read all the house rules on this page at your leisure.