Everything is possible

The field of use (area of application) of current implants is very broad. It starts from the care of a separate gap in the teeth to the complete restoration of a toothless jaw with new permanent teeth and molars.

House rules

Because we like to work in a clean mouth, we ask you to brush your teeth before an appointment: at home or in our cleaning corner.

To avoid inconvenience, we ask you to put the telephone on silent and not to make telephone calls in the waiting room and the treatment room. Pets are also not allowed in the waiting room.

It is important for the treatments to know whether you have health problems and whether you are taking medication. So indicate it yourself. During the check-up appointment we will go through a medical questionnaire with you in which this will also be discussed. We will of course treat this information confidentially.

You can read all the house rules on this page at your leisure.